The Optimal Package

A smart set of tools and technology for your online conversations.
  • Feature-Packed

    Drive more views and UGC around on your site.

  • Powerful Dashboard

    Manage all aspects of your online community.

  • Widely Supported

    Get started in minutes no matter the platform you use.

Social Reviews

Upgrade the conversation and allow users to add ratings to their comments.

Live Blogging

Cover any event in real-time and allow your reporters to post live updates.


Retain users with on-site alerts and offline engagement features.


Increase interactions with a personalized feed promoting your content.


Provide users with a real-time conversation system.

Mobile SDK

Integrate Spot.IM in your iOS or Android app and enable your community to engage from everywhere.

Above the Competition

FeaturesFacebook CommentsDisqusLiveFyreSpot.IM
SEO Friendlyxxxv
Cross-site Notificationsxxxv
Auto & Crowd-sourced Moderationxxxv
You Own The Dataxxvv
Mobile SDKxxxv
SSO Supportxxvv
Recirculation Elements (pat. pen.)xxxv
Community Analyticsxxxv
APIs Availablexxvv
Monetisation Componentsxvxv

We collaborated with world-class publishers to build a complete stack of features to top all others.

Technology at Your Side

Manage your community from every aspect with our fast and reliable admin dashboard.

  • Manage word filters, blacklists and spam controls.
  • Configure auto, manual, and user moderation capabilities.
  • Joomla
  • Tumblr
  • Drupal
  • WordPress
  • WordPress VIP
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Blogger

Start from scratch or import existing users with frictionless implementation, on any platform or service.

What They Say About Us Still unconvinced? Here’s some of what was written about us in the media:

"The ‘onsite social networking’ startup Spot.IM, launched by two serial entrepreneurs, keeps your readership in place without bouncing away"
- The Next Web -
"Publishers no longer need to rely on Facebook to provide a social experience to their users and can instead keep their community thriving on their own site"
- Forbes -
"Instead of exporting your content to external social media sites like Facebook you can keep all your traffic on your page, so all of the clicks and metrics will serve to enrich your site instead of Facebook."
- Inc. -

Meet Your Community

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