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Benefits of Embedding Spot.IM

Features you'll love!

Spot's Blueprint
  • Notifications and Alerts Your visitors will be called back
    into your brand's Spot.
  • Watch your community
    grow larger every day!
  • Promote content from
    your website
    Use the pinboard to pro-
    mote articles, media, events
    & updates.
  • Send messages directly
    to your users
    Notify users about important
    events using both mobile push
    notifications and emails.
  • Create your own
    Use your name, logo
    and colors.
  • Get to know
    your users
    Discover your user's
    passions and interests.
  • Allow your users to
    upload any kind
    of media
    Images, videos,
    audio, sketches
    and more.
  • Manage your
    community on
    the go!

We Support All Devices

It's Free. Really.

We believe in easily connecting people with common passions and interests. Currently, we are able to provide our valuable services for free. But hey, not all good things last forever, so go ahead and try it out!

Effective Moderation Methods

We are dedicated to maintain high quality content, and always improving.

Bad Language & Spam

Bad Language & Spam

Moderated automatically using our predefined regular expression sets. We provide tools to control the types of content prohibited for submission.

Offensive Images

Offensive Images

With advanced moderation methods, user behaviour tracking, and the power of the community, Spot.IM makes sure no offensive images are accepted.

Behaviour Tracking

Behaviour Tracking

We constantly improve our results in spotting abusive users and in making sure their permanent removal.

Copy and paste

Integration is as Simple as Copy & Paste

As you customize your Spot, a custom Spot.IM code is being generated. Just copy and embed it into your site, just like a YouTube video!

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