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Your Community. Back In Your Hands

We’re on a mission to empower communities across the web.

Increase Pageviews

Drive more clicks and interactions with your own personalized Newsfeed promoting your content.

Grow your Community

Retain your users with real-time notifications and offline engagement features.

Boost Retention

Access comprehensive analytics and increase your user subscriptions to maintain a loyal user base.

Real-time Comments - Typing users and submitted comments are seen in real-time.
Newsfeed - Hot content and trending conversations are presented in a cross-site Newsfeed.
Notifications - Readers are instantly notified about new comments and hot conversations.
Private Messages - Site visitors can talk privately and share common passions and interests.
Chat Experience - A chat UI is integrated with comments to stimulate vibrant conversations.

Above and beyond the competition

We’ve worked with numerous leading publishers and we understand what you need to build a community on your website.
We have the complete package.

Feature Facebook Comments Disqus Livefyre
Mobile Web Compatibility
Newsfeed Module
Real-time Updates
Cross-site Notifications
Auto & Crowd-sourced Moderation
Cross-site Instant Announcements
Live Typing
Content Recirculation
Optimized Loading Time

Powerful admin controls

We recognize that the needs of your website are unique. With our admin dashboard capabilities, you’ll be able to manage every aspect of your Spot.

  • - Configure automatic, manual, & user moderation
  • - Filter words, manage blacklists, and implement spam controls
  • - Dive deep into your Spot’s analytics (coming soon)

Agile and easy to deploy

Implementing powerful technology has never been so simple. From setup to integration, we’ve thought everything through so you don’t have to.

  • - Set up your Spot in under 2 minutes - works on any type of site
  • - Import or export existing users with a click
  • - Customize the design to best fit your brand

Automatic Cross-platform Integration

Your Spot is automatically optimized for all devices, ensuring users get the most out of your site even when on the go.
In today’s online world, mobile functionality is everything.

It’s free, all features included. No tricks, no hidden fees.

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