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More Pageviews

Areas with user-generated content become monetizeable with advertising.

Recirculating traffic and engaging users automatically translates into more pageviews.

An engaged audience is more likely to stay on your website for longer.

More Revenue

More Time On Site

Automatic Moderation

By bringing the conversation back to your website, users will be more engaged around your content instead of on social platforms.

Integrations with leading security technologies

Real-Time Conversation

Access from anywhere including via Slack

Make your site come alive in minutes with robust discussions about your content.

Machine-learning moderation technology

Live chatting with bubble awareness indicators

Supports rich-media with photos and videos

New Ways to Communicate

Lightweight and SEO friendly

Reduce your human moderation efforts with high-quality, abuse-free conversations.

Social Live Blogging

Removes illicit comments and spam

Empower your editors to cover any breaking news or event in real-time.

Real-time updates with layered posts

Deeper engagement as users respond to editors

Mobile SDK

Advertising within

user-generated content

Our comprehensive platform engages the user

throughout your website.

An interactive, topic-focused

content feed

Social Reviews


Dynamic module with the latest conversations

Nonstop User Engagement

Community Recirculation

User-generated critiques and product reviews

The most popular content

from your site

Community solutions for iOS and Android mobile apps

Community Pages


Lead Software Engineer, Engadget

“I’ve worked with a lot of 3rd parties over the years but Spot.IM stands out from the pack as one of the most responsive and proactive I’ve ever come across. Engagement is up, workflow is down, and users are happy.”

Dave Buck

Collin Wu

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Head of Product,

Director of Digital, TEN

“The integration process was relatively seamless with plenty of flexibility to customize. Net-net, Spot.IM has been awesome; developed and supported by a talented team.”

”A great tool for our readers to communicate with one another! We saw immediate and sustained engagement on our sites.”

Kris Heineman

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